Six More Months

To our investors:

The current international social and financial impact of COVID-19 has not affected the progress of Dawah Pharma's entry to market. If anything, it has expedited the FDA approval process. We are still on track to meet all our timeline goals.

We have several updates to provide:

  1. Our 1st drug in development (indication paralytic), has been showing sporadic shortages for the past 2+ months. This is not surprising as it is the paralytic of choice by an anesthesiologist for intubation prior to COVID patients going on respirators, or for candidates for surgery needing a breathing tube. With mounting COVID cases, the demand for this drug is expected to go up. In view of this, Dawah has recently filed a petition with the FDA for expedited review of this drug's dossier. If the petition is approved, the approval process may be shortened by as much as 3 months.

  2. By the end of August, we will place our first order for production for our first drug. We expect to receive FDA approval for Drug #1 by December 2020 and will be ready to hit the market by 1Q 2021.

  3. Our second drug has completed all necessary development work required prior to making exhibit batches. The exhibit batches will be made in August.

  4. We are working with two top tier regulatory firms that are aggressively handling our FDA submissions and communications.

The good news is that COVID-19 and social distancing will not slow our progress. As always, we will keep you abreast of any further updates regarding our milestones.

If you have any questions about or interest in investing with Dawah Pharmaceuticals, please contact us at

Best Regards,

Dawah Pharmaceuticals

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