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Update Q3 2022

We want to thank you for your continued interest and excitement to be part of the Dawah Pharma family.

Recently, the Dawah Pharmaceuticals team has traveled to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, to meet with Advanced Pharmaceuticals (a subsidiary of Maise Co.) to strike a partnership deal. Dawah will be working with and partnering with Advanced to assist in the FDA approval process for five injectables from their current facility in Riyadh. Advanced will also invest in and partner with Dawah for their US domestic initiative.

The Dawah team of engineers reviewed Advanced's current facilities, in over five days, in detail and determined that it will take no longer than six months to have the manufacturing facility FDA-ready. Both Dawah's partnership with Advanced in the KSA and Advanced's partnership with Dawah in the USA will prove to be rewarding for the investors who trust in our collaborative vision in the sterile injectable and ophthalmic market globally.

In other news, Dawah Pharmaceuticals' completed the exhibit batches for its second drug. It will be ready for submission to the FDA by January 1, 2023. Our expectation for FDA approval for our first drug is Q1 2023.

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