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 injectable and ophthalmic pharmaceutical company

We market and manufacture a growing portfolio of FDA-approved medicines, including several generic alternatives, in the United States. Our products include both injectable and ophthalmic prescription medicines.

Map in Grass

Filling the Gap

Dawah Pharmaceuticals will produce sterile injectable medications that are currently in demand in the marketplace. We are currently submitting our first product to the FDA, expected to reach the market in early 2025.

Drug and Syringe

Future State of the Art Aseptic Production Facility

Construction of our manufacturing facility is assumed to begin in 2025 and will take through 2027 to complete.

Test Tubes

Our Approach

The first 8 products will initially be produced through independent third-party manufacturers (CMO’s) until we can complete the construction of our own production facility. Those products will initially come to market from 2025 through 2026.


Dawah Pharmaceuticals is a privately held company concentrated on developing and commercializing clinically critical therapies across various dosage forms and parenteral therapeutic categories, including generics and 505(b)(2) drugs.

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