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Our Approach

Dawah Pharmaceuticals Inc. is poised at the frontier of pharmaceutical innovation, focusing on the critical areas of sterile injectables and ophthalmics. Backed by the combined expertise of its founders and senior team, who bring together more than two centuries of experience from leading pharmaceutical institutions in the US, Europe, and India, Dawah is committed to making a substantial impact in addressing global drug shortages.

In response to the ongoing challenges faced in the US and worldwide, including Europe, the GCC/MENA regions, and the Far East, Dawah is strategically positioned to address the acute shortage of sterile dosage drugs. This pressing issue opens doors for Dawah to potentially expedite FDA regulatory approvals, a pathway carved out for companies dedicated to mitigating drug shortages, thereby ensuring critical medications are delivered promptly to those in need.

The landscape of sterile generics, liposomals, and biosimilars presents a complex yet promising opportunity. These drugs, characterized by their intricate manufacturing processes and thus limited competition, are Dawah’s primary focus. With a keen eye on disease states such as GERD, Oncology, Antifungal, Antipsychotic, and Paralytic conditions, Dawah aims to capitalize on the impending patent expiries of numerous complex generics, unlocking multi-billion-dollar revenue opportunities.

In the competitive realm of ophthalmics, Dawah is set to introduce revolutionary patented delivery devices, such as dropper bottles that eliminate the need for anti-microbial preservatives. This advancement is particularly beneficial for treatments requiring long-term administration, like glaucoma medications, by reducing the risk of ocular irritations and corneal damage associated with preservative use.

Dawah's strategic approach encompasses three key dimensions. Initially, licensing approved products will pave the way for rapid market entry. Concurrently, partnerships with Contract Manufacturing Organizations (CMOs) will expedite our market presence by 2-3 years ahead of our state-of-the-art facility becoming operational. This facility, already in the planning stages, will further solidify Dawah's competitive edge.

Recognizing the paramount importance of human capital, Dawah plans to situate its facility near major pharmaceutical hubs, tapping into the wealth of talent from leading labs and manufacturing units.

Our marketing and distribution strategy harnesses the expertise of Commercial Sales Organizations (CSOs), ensuring widespread access to hospitals, Group Purchase Organizations (GPOs), and wholesalers.

We are excited about the path ahead for Dawah Pharmaceuticals and eagerly anticipate the innovative contributions we will bring to the pharmaceutical industry.

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