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Our Approach

Dawah Pharmaceuticals Inc. is an ambitious venture aimed at pioneering innovations within the pharmaceutical industry, particularly in the domain of sterile injectables and sterile ophthalmics. It is bolstered by the vision of its founding members and senior associates who carry with them an impressive legacy of over 200 years of cumulative experience from prestigious pharmaceutical institutions across the US, Europe, and India.

In today's context, both the United States and several global markets are grappling with a concerning shortage of critical drugs, especially those within the sterile dosage domain. This scarcity extends to Europe, the GCC/MENA regions, and the Far East. Dawah Pharmaceuticals has recognized this pressing need and is poised to contribute significantly by addressing these shortages. By doing so, it stands to benefit from accelerated regulatory approvals, a privilege the FDA often extends to entities tackling drug shortages, ensuring vital medications reach those in need.

Navigating the complex landscape of sterile generics, liposomals, and biosimilars demands an unparalleled level of expertise and precision. These drugs, given their intricacy, often face limited competition. With numerous complex generics set to come off patent in the coming decade, representing a multi-billion-dollar revenue potential, Dawah is strategically positioned to harness this opportunity. Our primary focus will be addressing disease states like GERD, Oncology, Antifungal, Antipsychotic, and Paralytic.

The ophthalmics sector, although competitive, presents a promising avenue for innovation. Dawah seeks to revolutionize this field through the adoption of patented delivery devices, specifically dropper bottles. These cutting-edge tools facilitate the administration of ophthalmic drugs devoid of any anti-microbial preservatives, a significant advancement for drugs necessitating long-term usage, like those for glaucoma. Long-term exposure to preservatives has been linked to ocular irritations and potential corneal damage, a concern Dawah aims to mitigate.

Dawah's strategic blueprint is three-dimensional. Firstly, we aim to license already approved products to facilitate a swift market penetration. While our state-of-the-art facility (for which the feasibility study is already complete) is under construction, we will collaborate with Contract Manufacturing Organizations (CMOs), thereby accelerating our time-to-market by an estimated 2-3 years. Once operational, Dawah's own facility will fortify its standing in the industry.

An organization is only as robust as its team. Recognizing this, Dawah intends to establish its facility in proximity to major pharmaceutical hubs, ensuring access to top-tier talent from leading labs and manufacturing units.

Dawah's marketing and distribution strategy is equally formidable. Leveraging the prowess of seasoned Commercial Sales Organizations (CSOs), we aim to access a broad spectrum of hospitals, Group Purchase Organizations (GPOs), and wholesalers.

We remain optimistic about the trajectory Dawah Pharmaceuticals is charting and are enthused about the prospects that lie ahead.

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