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Drug 1 & 2

Indication Antipsychotic & Paralytic

A Contract Manufacturing Organization or CMO is a company that serves other companies in the pharmaceutical industry on a contract basis to provide comprehensive services from drug development through drug manufacturing.


Currently, the capabilities of over 30 CMO’s have been evaluated. We have selected two overseas CMO's, SG and IM, that we will partner with. One CMO will provide 15% of the cost to manufacture the sterile product, the other will provide 50%. The two products we will produce are classified as antipsychotic and paralytic. The selected CMO will perform the following activities for Dawah Pharmaceuticals Inc.:

  • Formulation, process, and analytical development.

  • Manufacture registration batches.

  • Collect stability data over an extended time.

  • Provide data to Dawah to prepare the dossier for FDA approval.

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